Glasgow Airport Attacked By Jeep With Explosives

One day after police foiled two car bombings in London, a Jeep Cherokee in flames was driven at full speed into the main terminal of Glasgow airport at 3.15 pm local time.

Witnesses said two men of Asian appearance drove the blazing Jeep through the glass doors at the departures lounge and only stopped when they crashed into security barriers, setting off a series of explosions.

Eyewitness Ian Crosby, a taxi driver, said: “This was no accident. This was a deliberate attack on Glasgow Airport.”

“There were flames coming out from underneath, then some men appeared from in amongst the flames,” said another witness. “The police ran over and the people started fighting with the police. I then heard what sounded like an explosion.”

At the time, Fiona Tracey was at the airport picking up her daughter. “There were people injured, because I’ve seen them lying on the road,” she said. “I was standing next to departures when I heard a great big massive bang, and then all the folk from departures were running through arrivals.”

After the men emerged from the Jeep, one engulfed in flames, they tried to flee on foot but were tackled first by passengers and then by police.

One witness said, “Some holidaymaker tried to restrain one of the men, then the police came over and wrestled him to the ground – the fire was burning through his clothes – and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher.”

Stephen Clarkson said he was stunned at first to see people racing past him and the Jeep in flames in the distance. When he noticed that police were clearly in pursuit of one man running towards him, he swung into action. “It was lucky that I was there,” he said. “I managed to knock the man to the ground with my forearm and the police got on top of him and restrained him and put handcuffs on him.”

Dr Rak Nandwani was collecting visiting relatives when he heard the explosion and noticed a plume of black smoke rising from the flaming vehicle. “The whole place has come to a standstill, the terminal building has been evacuated,” he said. “I have spoken to my relatives and they have been moved to outside the building. They were told they could not pick their baggage up from the baggage collection area. There must be about 50 police cars at the airport. Me and my son, along with everyone else, have been moved to the car rental area.”

A spokesman for the British Airports Authority confirmed the evacuation and the cancellation of all incoming and outgoing flights: “A car is on fire at the entrance to the terminal and there is considerable smoke damage to the terminal. The terminal has been evacuated as a result of this and all flights have now been suspended.”

Strathclyde Fire Service quickly brought the blaze under control but are still at the scene.

Strathclyde Police released a statement saying it is too early to tell whether the incident was a terrorist attack or in any way related to the attempted car bombings in London.

“Local roads have been closed and police are advising members of the public not to travel to the airport. Incoming and outgoing flights have been suspended until further notice and the airport has been closed,” said the statement.

“Strathclyde Police would like to reassure the public that it is unknown at present if this is connected with the incidents in London as enquiries are at an early stage. However, we would ask the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police.”


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