Iraqi Informant Threw US Curveball on WMD For War

The Iraqi informant known as “Curve Ball” – whose fake story about Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction program helped build the case for the US-led invasion of Iraq – has been identified by the CBS 60 Minutes Program.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan first arrived in Germany as a refugee in 1999 and told authorities he had been a chemical engineer who managed a biological weapons factory, Djerf al-Nadaf, in Iraq.

Apparently, Mr Alwan told this story to increase his chances of being granted asylum in Germany. He further embellished the story when he told German officials that a dozen of his co-workers had died manufacturing biological weapons.


US Atomic Inspectors At North Korea Nuclear Facility

US atomic inspectors have arrived in North Korea to supervise the first steps of disabling the country’s nuclear facilities under an agreement reached in February during the six-nation diplomatic process.

The nine-member American team will first oversee the decommissioning of the main reactor in Yongbyon, which has produced weapons-grade plutonium.

Madrid Train Bombings Victim Families Rail Court Acquittals

The families of victims killed in the 2004 Madrid train bombings were outraged yesterday at the Spanish national court’s acquittals of seven defendants and the perceived leniency in sentences handed down to those convicted of the worst terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic militants on European soil.

On March 11, 2004 ten backpacks loaded with nails and dynamite exploded on four commuter trains during morning peak hour in Madrid. The blasts ripped apart several carriages, killing 191 people and wounding 1,841 more.

Spanish authorities brought a total of 28 suspects to trial – 19 Arabs, mostly from Morocco, and 9 Spaniards. Seven other men believed to have been ringleaders blew themselves up in a Madrid apartment three weeks after the attacks as police closed in to arrest them.