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I grew up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans where I still have family, but I’ve called Australia home for over 20 years. All the same, part of me died the day hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed New Orleans in 2005. Part of my “therapy” was writing for BayouBuzz, a news and current affairs web site based in New Orleans.

Warning: writing is addictive! Soon after I started writing for BayouBuzz (emailing stories from Sydney), I began studying journalism at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where I learned to cover news rounds in my local community and write feature articles … even theatre reviews!

I’m now completing a PhD in Journalism at UTS. My primary aim is to explain how the scientific consensus on climate change was reconstructed as a “scientific debate” in the news media.

You can view my current Academia profile at http://uts.academia.edu/ElaineMcKewon

Full-time research and teaching keep me fairly busy these days. I haven’t written for BayouBuzz for a few years now and decided to archive my stories here, as well as one theatre review I wrote as a student at UTS. Most of the BayouBuzz stories are republished in full, apart from the last few from October and November 2007, which have been left as stubs. Not sure when I’ll find the time to complete all the archiving!

Most importantly, at least for me, all my climate change stories are republished here in full – you can go straight to them by clicking the first Category listed on the right. Actually, it’s probably easiest to find stuff that interests you by just browsing the categories and using the search bar.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Enjoy!


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  1. Liana
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 19:00:27

    I’m studying for my PhD in literary and cultural studies and my subject is related to cyberanthropology and identity studies. I’m currently trying to define the corpus of my future paper- looking for aspects of blog communication and its impact on complex identities, the British Muslim identity to be more precise. I would appreciate reading your opinions on the ‘war-on-terror’and any related articles to the potential of Internet communication in defusing interethnic/intercultural tensions. Yours, sincerely, Liana


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